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COVID-19 Information

2020 COVID-19 Team Information & Guidelines

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Open Houses
All open houses through COVID-19 will be virtual/live through Zoom Video Conferencing and the tours will be performed by the listing agent or the seller; scheduled at a time mutually agreed upon by both parties.

The date and time of the event along with a request to RSVP to our team’s (Shelby) email address will be provided in the following ways:
 All Facebook advertising (private Realtor groups, paid targeted newsfeed ads, FB Marketplace, our team page and our personal pages).
 Flyers that will be distributed to area homes & businesses
 Craigslist ads
 Verbally or via email during circle prospecting calls
 On a sign outside of the property

Prior to the event, individuals who RSVP should be asked to provide their first and last name, the name of the real estate agent they are working with (if applicable) and to state if they are prospective buyers, sellers or neighbors. They will be given a link to a Zoom meeting and reminded to have the Zoom app on their device.
If the seller is conducting the live tour, schedule a Zoom practice session with the listing agent and/or team admin 1-2 days prior to the event.
If the agent is conducting the live tour and the home is occupied, they should arrive 15-20 minutes early to change into protective gear and to prepare for the event. The seller(s) or occupants may be in the home during the event; provided they are in a different room to conform to social distancing requirements.
The live event will last no more than 60 minutes and should be recorded and posted on our Facebook pages for future viewings.

Private Showings
Pre-determined days/time blocks should be made available for agents to conduct brief private showings that will be effective in selling the property and also limit COVID-19 exposure to all parties involved. We should talk to the sellers/renters to figure out ahead of time how many showings per day they feel comfortable with. I’d recommend a minimum of 5 and a max of 8. And then determine what time frame would work best for them and also give us optimal times that will work for an array of buyers.

The following verbiage should be used on Agent Remarks on North Star as well as Showing Time:
Showing days/times are restricted to follow COVID-19 guidelines. Offers will be presented xxxx at xxxx to give ample opportunity to view during allotted times. Sellers won’t: review any offers prior to deadline or allow more than one showing at a time. Agents to accompany no more than 2 pre-qual. adults into the property for a max. of 30 mins. All parties will be instructed to wear provided gear.
Upon entering the property, they will view instructions to put on clean, protective gear that we will supply. This includes disposable gloves, shoe covers and disinfectant wipes. They will be instructed to only touch what is absolutely necessary and to handle all doors, railings, cabinets, etc with a disinfectant wipe held by a gloved hand.
We will provide a separate trash can at the entrance/exit of the home for disposal of all used gear.

Outside Services
We will still include professional staging consultations with our applicable listing services and such consultations will be done virtually.
We will request to the buyers’ agent that when it’s time for a buyer to have a home inspection performed, the inspector may be accompanied by one other individual and the process is done as quickly as possible.
We will message appraisers when they schedule their appraisal and ask them to please abide by the showing instructions and wear the protective gear and please limit their time in the house to 30 mins or less.
Our preferred title company is liming attendance in closings to only the individuals necessary for the transaction, within a sanitary environment.

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