Buy a Home

Thinking about buying a new home? Here’s the general steps you should expect.

1. Choose a realtor – Find a trustworthy and reliable realtor-like someone from the Twin City Property Sales Team- who you will enjoy working with. The real estate process takes a few months!

2. Meet with your loan officer – Learn how much of a loan you qualify for. This will affect the price range of homes you will be looking at.

3. Look at houses – Now for the fun part- house hunting! Check out different homes until you find the right place. How will you know? It makes you excited, fits in your price range, and has all the required amenities you won’t do without!

4.Make an offer – Your Twin City Property Sales Team agent will help advise you on what offer to make on the property and negotiate the contract.

5. Perform a home inspection – This is for your education, so you can understand what shape the home is in, beyond what meets the eye. You’ll want to make sure you’re comfortable with the home inside and out before you actually purchase it.

6. Contract details – An easy part for you- your Twin City Property Sales Team agent will take care of all the necessary details and timelines in the transaction that are part of the purchase agreement.

7. Closing– The final day has arrived! The transaction is finalized, and you walk away with the keys to your new home.